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Delegate Process

  • Delegates are selected in advance of the annual IPECC conference.

  • Each delegate must commit to participate in the curriculum approval process (i.e., approval of motions) not only during the upcoming conference but also until the selection of delegates for the next annual conference. 

  • At the call of the IPECC vice-chair, virtual curriculum voting sessions will be conducted during the year. Participation by the delegates is expected. In addition, all IPECC associates will be invited to participate so that the voting delegates will have the benefit of their experience and advice.  

  • Motions, if approved, will be handled as follows:  

    • Motions resulting in curriculum change will be communicated to stakeholders; the curriculum will be updated & posted on the website. 

    • Motions resulting in the need for a syllabus change will be conveyed to SOPEEC/ACI for approval. The website will list such motions as “awaiting approval.” 


Sub-Committee Process


  • In support of the above process, sub-committees will meet (virtually) a minimum of once per quarter between the IPECC annual conferences. The Chair of each sub-committee will set the schedule. The IPECC vice-chair can call a special meeting should he or she deem it necessary to deal with an urgent matter. 

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