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Major Review

The curriculum for each class of Power Engineer & Refrigeration Operator is  reviewed ,in detail, by the relevant sub-committee every 5 years  in accordance with a Review Schedule.

The relevant sub-committee carries out the following steps: 

  • Review the relevant syllabus for any changes

  • As necessary, develops required  changes in the curriculum

  • Identifies gaps, errors and/or changes in technology that require the curriculum to be updated.

  • As required, develops motions for change to be submitted at the next annual curriculum development conference

  • Annual  Curriculum Development Conference

    1. Change motions are proposed by the sub-committee chairs, seconded & discussed.

    2. Voting delegates approve or reject the motions.

    3. Motions requiring a syllabus change are forwarded to SOPEEC/ACI for approval.

Interim Updates

Between major reviews, the sub-committees maintain an awareness of events in the field that will require a change to the curriculum.   If the change is of a  serious nature e.g. due to a safety related incident, the relevant committee can request the IPECC Chair to convene a virtual meeting of the  Curriculum Voting Delegates.

Curriculum Review Process
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